What is Xero?

Xero is the world’s easiest accounting system, it gives you all you need to run your business, watch this video to give you an idea of what Xero can do for you:

Alternatively see this summary xero-accounting-software-summary

Why do we recommend Xero for our clients?

Not everyone is suited to Xero, so how do you know if Xero is right for you? We can discuss your circumstances and let you know if Xero is the right choice.
To see some of the benefits of using Xero click here Why Xero – One Page Information Sheet

Xero Setup

We can seamlessly convert you from your existing accounting software to Xero, cost will depend on your particular circumstances but in most cases once we have discussed these with you, we will provide a fixed cost setup fee, from as little as $300.

Xero Training

We can provide you and your staff with the training you need to get Xero up and running in the most efficient timeframe. Depending on your experience it can take as little as one hour of training to get you up and running.

Xero Support

We provide ongoing support for our clients to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Xero Pricing Plans

There are a variety of pricing plans to get you up and running on Xero – depending on what you need to run your business you can pay as little as $10 per month up to $100 per month. Contact us to discuss your business and requirements so that we can advise you on the best solution for your circumstances.

Xero – Try it for free…

You can contact us to discuss your requirements and we can give you access to a Demo version of Xero, where you can have a play around in it to your hearts content (Demo version has dummy data setup in it so you can see all the functions and try them out).

Alternatively you can sign up for a free trial directly with Xero for 30 days Xero free trial signup (but this will involve you needing to enter some details in the setup process and no data will exist initially to play with).

Xero Testimonials

Xero is an alternate accounting package we are trialing for a new division. It has been so simple to set up and it quickly syncs in with our job management program ‘Simpro’ with just a few effortless clicks. I am genuinely looking forward to growing our business using Xero as it’s simplicity, ease of use and automated bank feeds will reduce our workload and provide more accurate, up to date data for all our accounting requirements.

Key Advantages:

  • Online access for all business partners across the country. They have live access to up to date and accurate data
  • Ease of use. I am not that great with accounting… if I can pick up Xero after talking with you for an hour, then I would be pretty sure most people could pick it up in half an hour!
  • All the automated feeds – I love it! The less data I have to input manually, the less chance of error and the more motivated I will stay to keep everything up to date – because it practically does everything for me. I’m not being lazy, I just take a bit of motivation to do things I am not that good at
  • Syncing with Simpro
  • Streamlining. I think people now are expecting to input data in one spot and have it automatically spread across every field they need it to, it means less input errors and less money spent on staff and more money spent on growing a business elsewhere

Sara Perry, Flowtech (WA)

Since moving to Xero from MYOB AccountRight plus I have saved so much time each week in bookkeeping tasks. Since Hawkwell Systems assisted me in converting to Xero I now have a far better understanding of my business financial position. By using the automatic bank feed facility my accounting system can be easily kept up to date and in line with my bank accounts on a daily basis, not a monthly basis like many small businesses resign themselves to.

Xero also provides a far superior invoicing system and the completely customisable templates allow true professionalism in presenting my brand to our clients. I would highly recommend Xero to any business who wants to save time, improve financial visibility and take back control of their business financials.

Hawkwell have been an incredible resource in this conversion and I would recommend their services to anyone considering moving across, they explained everything so well and spent the time with me so that I was completely comfortable with the entire process..

Chris Burg, Burg Networks

As a technology company we produced our invoices from our software then entered these into our accounting package for reconciliation. Due to the complex nature of integrating with desktop packages, in this case QuickBooks we were importing the transactions by hand and this took us many hours to complete. After moving to Xero, we were able to integrate directly with their API’s and now automatically push our invoices into accounts receivable. With Xero’s advanced features for reconciliation we have managed to take this complex task down to a simple few minutes each day.

Marissa Wiseman, Greymouse Global
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